Ending Girl Child Marriage

In this program YFC works with diverse stakeholders including men, boys, local leaders, law enforcers, policy makers and the girls. We empower girls to be the face of child marriage activism within their communities.

Our strategy to end child marriage

We train senior women and men from each school we work with to be knowledgeable in handling child marriage issues, providing psycho-social/ counseling support and providing friendly spaces for girls within the school environment to champion Child marriage debts and discussions.

We engage the media through FM Radio talk shows to raise evidence based awareness on child marriage and teen pregnancy. We also use social media including WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. These media activities are always conducted by YFC project team, girls and religious leaders and local leaders within the community.

We organize workshops with religious leaders, elders, law enforcement, Government officials and health system workers. The workshops are aimed at securing by-ins and building a supportive and collaborative environment for girl champions in their effort to end child marriage in their communities.