Ending Violence Against Young Women And Girls

According to OVCMIS Reports shows that on average 410 child abuses related cases are reported quarterly in Mbarara District alone. 53% being defilement/early marriages cases, 42% Child Neglect and child labour (5%). At the same time, Police records on average 396 SGBV cases with physical violence contributing 62%, Sexual violence (31%), and economic violence (7%). In this program, YFC mobilizes and organizes young women and girls to initiate community based groups/networks and support them to engage in activism to end violence against girls and young women, we support girls in case reporting and access to justice for victim of S/GBV and forced child marriage. Building and strengthening the knowledge, expertise and capacities of young women’s rights CSOs, Engage young women and adolescent girls to foster girls’ leadership and activism to become champions of change for promoting equality and ending sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices. In this program we also work with law makers and enforcers to implement policies/bi-laws and action plans that respond to the needs of all young women and girls, including those facing intersecting and multiple forms of discrimination.
Services/Activities Provided Under This Program
  • Escorting victims to police and court Victim tracking and follow-up Counseling Case profiling Referral for medical and legal support